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FactoryWiz :: Android Tablet Data Entry

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Get the whys...

Although FactoryWiz Monitoring gathers most information automatically and it is the CNC that creates the time stamp, that information can be complemented by information fed to the system from your operators.

Use any Android or iPad tablet to gather data such as current idle reasons, target batch quantities, work order numbers, or even just the operator’s name. Also provide operator notification of important events such as preventive maintenance requirements or quality issues necessitating a stop-work order.

Android tablets can be purchased for under £99.00

Main View - Transparency

The operator can see everything that you can see. This will become a key tool for operators to have their say.

Set the Operator

Put a name to the job.

Machine Mode

By tracking inspection and setup times, you can quote future jobs with greater accuracy.

Idle Reasons

There is a reason your machine isn't making you money, here is where you find that reason.