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Take Action Based on Facts.

FactoryWiz Monitoring has a number of helpful pre-defined reports to track your productivity. These include as standard:

  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).
  • Part Count.
  • Cycle Times.
  • Operations (Production / Setup / Maintenance etc).
  • Idle / Alarms Events.

Run reports based on:

  • Machine
  • Cell / Group
  • Shift
  • Start Date
  • Finish Date
  • Part / Work Order Number

If you would like to analyze the data a different way, all reports are end-user customizable using Crystal Reports – or we can customize reports for you.

Configure your system to automatically email you a particular report every day, week, or month. So if you have an production meeting on a Monday morning, let the production team have the data they need in their inbox prior to this meeting.

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