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FactoryWiz :: API (for techy people)

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Totally flexible system.

Having worked with many of our FactoryWiz customers over the years, we know that everyone wants to see things slightly differently, this is why we made FactoryWiz so customisable, open and flexible.

There are several ways for developers to access the data they require to create custom webpages or large displays:

  • Direct to MySQL or via an ODBC Connection.
  • Our .Net DLL to embedd in your applications.
  • SOAP Web API (XML).
  • Stream direct to Excel to create pivot tables etc.

As examples, this custom API can be used to create:

  • Machine communication modules for custom equipment.
  • HMI applications.
  • Displays.
  • ASP.NET Web sites using FactoryWiz data.
  • Data interfaces with other applications.
  • Connect your other systems to FactoryWiz.
LED Display controlled by the api.



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