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Payback is fast.

Below we have an example of a factory running 16 hours per day, 5 days per week. Before purchasing FactoryWiz, this customers machinery was around 40% efficient. Here are the results when we were increased the efficiency by just 5%.

Working Days per Week 5
Shifts Duration (hours) 8
Shifts per Day 2
Hours / Year / CNC 4160
CNC Count 20
Total Hours / Year 83200
Current Utilisation 40%
Utilised Hours / Year / CNC 1664
Total Utilised Hours / Year 33280
If FactoryWiz were to increase this to: 45%
Improved Hours / Year 37440
Difference in Total Utilised Hours 4160
Value at £15.00/hr billing £62,400.00
Extra machine capacity at 45% 2.5
Payback for £20000 FactoryWiz Installation (months) 3.8

5% increase is a very modest, easily achievable increase in performance. If you would like to hear from some our customers on their returns, please contact us.



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