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FactoryWiz DNC :: NC Program Management

Store your Programs Securely

The structure of FactoryWiz DNC separates message and configuration directories so you can use Windows security features to further lock down access without manually manipulating each file.

Files which are not accessible to your DNC system can automatically be imported from local drives and removable media without risk of interruption. Spend less time moving one-time-use files into approved program directories, and never interrupt a drip-feed by accidentally removing a USB stick again.

FactoryWiz DNC can manage files going to and from USB drives for non-attached machines, ensuring that newly modified files get sent to the appropriate inbox folder for proper review.

How it works

Program is received

The program can either be saved into a "received" directory or a difference file extension, such as .REC can be added to the file. This is now highlighted as a file that either needs saving or verifying by a programmer or engineer.

Program to be Sent

The system can be configured so that only verified / authorised programs can be sent to the machine. This can be achieved by sending from a different directory to that of received programs or by having a difference file extension.