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Price starting at: £495.00

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Why BobCAD-CAM V28 Express for Your CNC Machining?

Are you looking for a simple 2D CAD-CAM software product that includes popular 3D toolpath as well? BobCAD-CAM V28 Express is loaded with powerful features for getting your 2D cnc projects up and running fast. The V28 Express CAD-CAM software can handle simple and even more complex CNC programming jobs. This CAD-CAM CNC software is an excellent choice for any machinist due to the large volume of machining capabilities while available at such a low cost! Prices start at £495.00

CNC Machine Compatible for

  • Mill
  • Wood Routers
  • Laser
  • Plasma
  • Waterjet

The V28 Express CAD-CAM software is the perfect for any CNC machine shop looking to get the biggest bang for the cost in CAD-CAM! It is both affordable and very easy to use!

Brief Overview:

  • Full CAD Design - Wireframe and Modeling
  • Import DWG, Step, IGES, SLDPRT, Parasolids
  • 2.5 Axis Milling
  • 3 Axis Milling

CAM & Communications:

  • Stock & Job Wizard
  • Tool Patterns
  • Dynamic Machining Operations
  • Cut & Paste CAM Operations
  • Customizable Setup Sheets
  • UCS, Layer & Posting Manager
  • Tool & Material Database
  • Associative CAM Tree Manager
  • Bolthole Patterns – Grid & Circular
  • HTML Job Setup Sheets
  • RS 232 Communications – Fully Customizable by the operator
  • DNC Communications – Fully Customizable by the operator
  • Post Processor Configurations – Fully Customizable by the operator
  • Post Processor Library – Available to all customers at no extra charge
  • G-Code Editor
  • Solid Toolpath Verification/Part Simulation
  • Run Time Estimator

Try a Free Demo of our CAD-CAM software today and see for yourself why BobCAD-CAM is the fastest growing CNC Machining Software throughout Europe. To see what our customers are saying about BobCAD-CAM V28, see the reviews they left in our feedback section.

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