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Why BobNEST from BobCAD-CAM for CNC Nesting?

Maximize Usable Material and Cut Down on Material Waste Saving You Time And Money.

BobNEST CAD/CAM software is a powerful true shape nesting system that gives you faster, smarter sheet optimizing functionality so that you can increase your per-job profitability through higher yields on your nesting jobs. Not only is this system easy to use it is fast in nesting your simple or complex parts.

BobNEST brings you powerful industry standard nesting functionality for your shop at an incredibly low cost. Simply select and load as many parts as needed and then setup how you would like to nest your parts. Leave the rest to BobNEST! BobNEST adds significant power to being able to cut down on wasted material.

BobNEST Features Include:

  • Multiple part Import options
  • True Shape nesting
  • Support for Dado
  • Global rotation settings for higher efficiency control
  • Automatic drill hole nesting
  • Automatic inside and outside profile nesting
  • Use or Create multiple sheets of different sizes for the same job
  • Part-in-Part nesting – smaller parts inside larger part openings
  • Simple Job Setup strategies for tools, stock, parts as well as your lead-in and out operations for machining through one easy to use wizard
    Automatic radius and line lead-in and out for toolpath
  • Set Part Priorities for nesting
  • Tabbing
  • Track parts and material efficiency as well as left-over parts and material
  • Create stock margins and part-to-part separation
  • Cutting Simulation
  • Create and save tools and stock
  • Layer support in BobCAD-CAM software for easy control in machining
  • Determine Cutting Patterns – Parallel or Zig Zag
  • CAM Machining

The BobNEST system is an Add-On to any of our CNC Milling/Routing CAD-CAM products. Because of this, powerful toolpaths and machining capabilities will vary from Standard & Pro versions.

If you are already a customer with the V28 milling software you can add-on the BobNEST and immediately have access to all of the powerful sheet optimizing functionality.

Try a Free Demo of our CAD-CAM software today and see for yourself why BobCAD-CAM is the fastest growing CNC Machining Software throughout Europe. To see what our customers are saying about BobCAD-CAM V28, see the reviews they left in our feedback section.

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